Carla Louw and Jonny Dosé

Current Shake and Bake Entertainment artist, Carla Louw founded this Musical Project with Jonny Dosé after experimenting with different jazz, blues and rock guitarists. After performing their first event together in early 2015, the duo soon discovered that they could trade more than hair and beauty tips, but found a common passion in the sound they were able to create as musicians.

After a few months of rehearsals and toying with new songs which they found a common love for, the duo soon developed a sound which is truly a great combination of fun, sassy, gritty yet elegantly enlightening vocals, coupled with a simplified, yet technically sound array of colourful guitar use from Jonny.

Further experimentation led to the inclusion of Marné, who plays the double bass and ukelele. Now having an elevated sound which is totally unique to many duo’s and trio acts, this project (yet to be formally named), have already started racking up many gigs in and around Cape Town as well as at Corporate and Private events.

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