The Hot Club of Cape Town

The Hot Club of Cape Town


The Hot Club sound emerged from Europe in the 1930s, combining Swing Jazz with the rippling melodies of Parisian dance-halls, and the distinctive Gypsy harmonies of the Eastern Mediterranean. The Hot Club of Cape Town, formed in 2016 by three experienced musicians with a shared love of the style, adds a hint of Cape Jazz into the mix. The sound is steeped in tradition, yet contemporary and local at the same time. It’s fun, lively, romantic and, above all, swinging music for all ages and all venues.

Daniel Zachariah Franks is a self-taught jazz violinist. After playing folk and blues guitar during his youth, he studied jazz while at university in Johannesburg. After moving to Cape Town five years ago he picked up the violin and immersed himself in baroque harmony, while studying music at Stellenbosch. He performs with the Hot Club of Cape Town and as a solo looping artist, and as a guest with various other artists, performing with the likes of Pops Mohammed, Mike Perry, Carlo Mombelli and The Brother Moves On.

Elton Goslett is a skilled and versatile guitar player whose style is at the meeting point of jazz, blues & soul. He is a self-taught guitarist, who until recently worked in corporate finance until he made the leap to be a full-time musician and guitar teacher. His first love was the blues, and he still works as an acoustic blues musician. But Elton has developed into an accomplished jazz guitarist who often accompanies singers, as well as playing in the Hot Club of Cape Town and a jazz rock fusion band, Mixed Roots. When Elton is not gigging he can be found teaching at the Jazz Workshop in Cape Town. His wide-ranging musical influences include Mike Stern, Charlie Parker and Joe Pass.

Mike Hardaker started learning the guitar aged nine and has played professionally in Europe and South Africa. Even as a teenage punk rocker, he loved the music of Stéphane Grapelli and Django Reinhardt, which, thanks to a jazz-loving father, he’d first heard ten years earlier. Mike later lived for many years in France, where he immersed himself in the roots of the Hot Club sound. His first love is playing rhythm guitar. Apart from Stéphane and Django, his musical heroes include the brothers Baro, Matelo and Sarane Ferret, Thelonious Monk, Robert Quine, Charlie Christian and Henri Crolla.