Rolling Audio has proudly collaborated with Creative Cuisine, an amazing catering company also based in Hout Bay.


Like any fine art form, the creative practice of catering involves more than just passion, creativity and talent. It involves the hand, the eye, & the intellect.

The team at Creative understand that Catering is much more than just delivering aesthetic, tasty, good quality food to our clients. It is about:

  • Expression and creating a synergy through the food, your brand and the event profile
  • It’s about respecting and understanding how to select & process our raw produce
  • Refining skills and practicing professional techniques
  • Understanding the intricacy of produce and the science of food safety
  • About engaging and connecting with our clients and understanding clearly their requirements
  • Humanizing our services and creating and upholding a solid foundation of Trust so our clients have peace of mind in knowing that we are their trustworthy partners in Good Food.
  • For centuries, the pleasure of food has been documented


The art of dining well is no slight art, the pleasure no slight pleasure.” Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, French essayist (1533-1592)


  • Average just does not cut it. Period.
  • Today’s lifestyles and healthy eating patterns demand lighter healthier foods. As Food is one of life’s greatest joys we are mindful in our preparation techniques and selection of good quality ingredients so that when enjoyed in moderation, with a measure of common sense, you can enjoy lots of the good stuff, loads of variety and the odd indulgence now and then
  • A Consistent Supplier & procurement chain is key to Creative’s success as it enables us to know where our produce is coming from and how it is handled, maintain quality, manage and save costs as well as reduce risk. We have a carefully selected group of trustworthy suppliers who understand our high standards and needs and offer flexibility and resourcefulness in sourcing quality seasonal ingredients
  • They respect and acknowledge cultural food diversity and personal food taste preferences and in mindfully assembling suitable menus and catering according to varying needs so that everyone can enjoy “the pure pleasure of good food”



Pre eminence and customer satisfaction through premium product, passionate people & professional processes.