Brent Harris and Thee Jam

Brent Harris and Thee Jam


Brent Harris is a founder member and drummer for SA Super-group Just Jinjer. has become a dominant force in the Corporate Market, doing jazzy background sets, up tempo party sessions, and the unforgettable drum solo.

Brent has performed on stage with many International Acts including U2, Live, Goo Goo Dolls, John Legend, Peter Gabriel Counting Crows, Def Leppard, Stevie Wonder and Annie Lennox.

Brent Harris & Thee Jam are a unique Corporate Cover Band with flare and energy that play at all Functions and Rocking Parties. plays with various top SA musicians including Veronique Lilouette, unbelievable vocalist who adds class and grace to the stage as well as personality to really get the party going.

Denholm Harding - multi instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire who will blow your mind with his talent!

Born into a talented family, with a father renowned as probably the best bass player this side of the date line, Veronique has been singing professionally since Grade 8. With a firm grounding in Jazz performance art, V is very popular on the corporate circuit for beautiful laid back jazz.

This band will rock your socks off with dynamic musicianship and party favourites as well as jazzy acoustic background sets.

Whatever your specific entertainment requirements are, the band offers welcome drinks, cocktails, dinner music, as well as a very interactive show where the band really become part of the audience, and get the party rocking.

In between sets the band has an extensive play list to add to the ambiance of your event.